What you say

Ring differently

Be heard when ringing at cars or pedestrians
or just give a thumbs up with the ShokaBell.

Be safer

When somebody moves your bike you will know about it.

Get there faster

We safely navigate you with our led light
and audio system. See the most popular routes.

The Bell

Works without your mobile, but gives you the best experience when used together.

Select color


  • 360 degree joystick
  • automatic front light
  • 8 unique ringing tone *
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Range extender for up to 400 m
  • 3 weeks of battery life
  • *download more from the app
  • microphone
  • light sensor
  • accelerometer
  • 95dB maximum sound

Monitor your progress

By distance, time & CO2 emission

Shoka App

Your Automatic Cycling Diary

Tracking works without the Bell*, but gives
you the best experience when used together.

  • automatically track your routes
  • monitor your progress (distance, time, CO2 savings)
  • see your friends favorite route
  • see whos riding nearby
  • Instagram integration

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About Us

The bell is the most important safety feature for a cycler during daytime. Let us get you from (a) to (b) as safe as possible with ShokaBell.

The Shoka App and Bell provide different ringtones for cars and pedestrians, secure your bike with a theft alarm, help you safely navigate the streets, and keep track of your cycling habits. As avid cyclists we're passionate about making cycling safer and smarter than ever before. While designing Shoka App and Bell, we are keen to learn more about your cycling experience so please signup and share your thoughts with us.

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How often do I need to charge ShokaBell?

With regular usage, a few hours of charging ShokaBell every 3 weeks is sufficient.

Is my data still saved if I don't happen to have my phone with me?

Yes, your data is automatically synced once you log onto ShokaBell on your phone.

Are the routes I've ridden automatically saved if I don't have my phone with me?

No, you need to have your phone on to store your route data.

If I leave my bike in the street do I still get notification of a stealing attempt?

Yes, you will get a "Push" notification on your phone.

Can I use one ShokaBell with only one phone?

As of now, yes.

Is ShokaBell as loud as a regular bike bell?

ShokaBell is at least two times as loud as a regular bike bell.

Do I need to change batteries?

You don't need to change batteries, just charge ShokaBell when it's down.

Do I have to start ShokaBell every time I start riding?

No, you only need to start Shoka App once, from there it runs in the background and does what it needs to.

Can I sync my data with different apps?

Yes, you can export your data to Strava, Runkeeper or any other major Health and Fitness Apps. The list of supported 3rd party apps will continuously grow.

Is ShokaBell waterproof? How weather-proof is it?

ShokaBell's surface has been designed to withstand harsh weather.